Monday, March 28, 2011

Of Valdivia; of los ríos;

Today was my 3rd day in Valdivia and it also marks one week of me being in Chile. I've traveled a number of miles, met a number of people, and seen a great number of sights. I'm farther south than I've ever been before. Just about at 40 degrees South Lat. To get here I crossed a sea, tropics, and the equator. But, now that I'm down here I'm ready to stay for a while.

Today Valdivia was all sun. Perfect Blue skies and blue waters. I've taken a lot of photos in the last few days here with my film camera and my digital. Past students of the program who are here for a second semester recommended taking lots of photos while everything is still a marvel and strange to you. I think I've been doing good with that. Here are a few quick photos of Valdivia and the waters around it.

This is the river from the University this morning. It is looking across at the industrial part of Valdivia. Lots of drydocks and rusty boats on the shore. The city would be to the right. Click for the big copy. It is worth it. I made a long panorama of about 6 photos.

Yesterday I took the bus to the coast (more on that another day) and saw there two boats coming back into Valdivia probably with lots of fish. 
Perfect sunny day. This is from Isla Teja (the university island) looking across at central Valdivia.