Friday, January 14, 2011

Of the Florida Keys;

Another post of one of my trips of the past. This is from my trip to the Florida Keys in March 2010 with my Dad. We stayed with my Grandpa in Marathon as we explored the surrounding keys and the ocean.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Of Horseshoe and Stuart Lakes in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness of Washington State; of the lake trek; of the curious grazing habits of the mountain goats;

I begin El Millón, not with my most recent adventure, but with a hike I took during the summer (on Aug 8th, 2010). With my Mom, cousin, uncle, and uncle's girlfriend, we hiked and camped for three days in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness outside of Leavenworth, WA. This hike was the second annual hike to Horseshoe Lake (~6250ft) in remembrance of my Grandpa. It would now be the second time I have visited this lake which was one of the Grandpa's favorites to hike.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Of the start of the blog;

Like many of the greats before me I am now starting my own journal of travels. What you see in this blog are things which I have seen/experienced in my travels or things which have piqued my interests. Unlike the explorers of past eras, I am able to bring to you live updates through a series of media. Expect maps and photos of places I was previously in, currently in, or going to be in. I hope my viewer will be able to follow my adventures and learn of the various curios I encounter.

Now on to who I am and why I choose to write at this time.

I am a history major at the University of Washington focusing mainly on colonial histories. Similar to colonial explorers like Columbus, I am inspired by the tales of the early explorers. Travelers like Marco Polo or Sir John Mandeville and their stories across continents captivate me. I love to hear about the sites of interests within various villages and certain things which make their cultures unique. I hope to capture the essence of these stories of travels and wonders and portray my own adventures using all the resources given to me in this digital age. In naming my blog El Millón I'm playing homage to Marco Polo's famous Il Milione. For Marco Polo's travels the name reflected the great number of wonders and curiosities he saw. In my El Millón I hope to draw upon a similar style of depiction which has been read by centuries of "armchair travelers" following the journey of Marco Polo.

I love to explore the areas around me. I find myself always wanting to hike the hills and paddle the waters of Washington state. Although I can't always find the time or the opportunities to explore and travel as much as I'd like, I can still research and plan trips for the future. I'm choosing to write of my adventures now because of my approaching trip to Chile. As I'm studying in Valdivia (at the University of Souther Chile) I hope to document my travels and various things I learn about South American culture for my family and friends back home.