Friday, March 25, 2011

Of Museo Maritimo Nacional; of Cerro Alegre; of Vaplaraiso;

On Wednesday I went to Valparaiso for the day. The city is just south of Vina del Mar and is one of the main attractions in Chile. It is an old city with many winding streets, buildings all over the steep hills, and a lot of urban art.

Here it is for the artillery hill above the harbor.   From Chile D3

Since it is a big tourist city there is also a lot of petty crime. It isn't one of the safest places. Everyone in the hostel was telling me to just watch my back and don't flash my camera around too much. I also went with my program buddy Max so I wasn't walking the small back alleys alone.

On top of Artillery Hill is the Naval Museum   From Chile D3
It was an easy metro ride to get into Valpo and then Max and I headed up to the Museum.

From Chile D3

It was all about Chile's naval heroes. Lots of boat models, firearms, swords, and things recovered from ships. There were about two rooms dedicated to the forts and battle of Valdivia (the city where I am now). Valdivia had the third largest fort system in the Americas back in its day.

Exhibit about the 33 Chilean miners      From Chile D3

From Chile D3

The museum was huge. So many rooms all filled with the history Chileans are so proud of. After getting through the museum it was time to find some lunch. And since we were in Valpo it had to be seafood.

I forgot to take a photo of my salmon, but here is the soup they gave us at the restaurant.    From Chile D3

We ran into two girls Max knew for a hostel in Santiago. They were both traveling Chile and joined us for a drink.   From Chile D3

Then we went up to Cerro Alegre which was filled with lots of art shops and streets decorated with amazing graffiti.

From Chile D3

From Chile D3

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