Monday, March 21, 2011

Of the flight; of Obama

 After lots of flying I'm finally in Chile! I think it ended up at 20 hours of flying and airport time. But now the worst is over. Now I'm in Vina del Mar at the Che Lagarto Hostel and ready to rest.

But first I visited Santiago, the capital of Chile. I got in just after sunrise and couldn't even see the city. It is because it is all flat. All I could see were some distant hills obscured by smog and morning haze. Then it all easy getting through immigration and customs. I could finally feel relieved after seeing by bag roll by on the conveyor belt.

I hoped on a bus and went to the main bus center to meet up with Max who is also part of the Valdivia program. Since I got out of the airport so fast I had some time to explore. I went to check out Parque Quinta Normal. Since it was so early (Chileans like to sleep in) it was pretty much empty so I took the time to adjust all of my bags.

I saw this cool building, but it was closed so I couldn't find out what it was.

Obama also entered Chile today. My schedule is not going to meet up with his since I'm in Vina now. Chileans don't like him much. They had some anti-Obama rallies the other day and I have seen some posters and graffiti about him telling him to leave.

Just so everyone knows I'm loving Chile. It is nice and hot. I'm taking it easy today since I've done so much traveling, but tomorrow I'll be getting down to the beach.

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