Sunday, March 27, 2011

Of the nightlife of Viña del Mar

I'm in Valdivia now, but I still have more to post about my time in Vina.

I was busy for most of my time in Vina. Going out to do stuff during the day and being out till late at night didn't leave me enough time to post about everything I wanted.

From Chile D4

One big difference with Chilean culture is that people party till late. Very late. Most people don't go to the discotech or bar till a good bit after midnight. Then the places usually close at about 5:00am. I found myself making full use out of my midday siesta in order to keep up with the sleep I needed.

I went to one bar/disco several times during my stay. The place was just two blocks from the hostel so I couldn't pass it up. Everyone from the hostel would end up in Cafe Journal.

Cafe Journal   From Chile D4

Before heading to Cafe Journal I had margaritas with buddies from the hostel and the biggest fajitas meal I've ever eaten. From Chile D4

One of the nights I felt like taking it easy and going to bed early. It didn't happen. The hostel turned into a party. Visitors from Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, England, and Australia all ended up lounging in the hostel common room. I worked my way through conversations in Spanish with them and we all had a great time swapping stories of our travels.

From Chile D4
It was probably just how it was the middle ages where travels and traders like Marco Polo passed through towns. Lots of people, stories, languages, and of course beer.

One of the most popular beers in Chile is Escudo. I learned from the naval museum in Valpo that it actually means shield. Here I am with the 1200 peso bottle of it. I'm red-faced mainly from the sunburn I got earlier that day, but I'm sure the beer didn't make it any less red.
From Chile D4

I never ended up going to the club "El Huevo" in Valpo which has six different dance floors. Every floor plays a different type of music for people to dance to. If I go back to Valpo I'll have to visit. Cafe Journal played a lot of popular dance songs and one night it was American rock classics. I spent a good bit of the night dancing with the Chileanas .

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  1. Nice red-face! Ah - the lessons of U-lactin!