Wednesday, November 2, 2011

of analog photograhpy; of my first week of film in Chile;

In my months in Chile and traveling people saw me carrying around my camera and shooting a photo here and there. When I wanted a photo of myself I'd have to get someone else to snap it. One of the first things people would notice is that there is no display screen. Then I would have to explain (in spanish) that it is a film camera and that they only have one chance to shoot a great photo with it since I don't want two shots of the same thing. A lot of people were excited to take a real film photo and interested in the camera since has all the classic mechanical sounds of a reflex camera when you hit the shutter. It was also a lot of fun for me to line up shots, put more thought into my photos, and to have the surprise of seeing my film developed. So far I've had 8 rolls developed, I have 2 more ready to go to the photolab, and one roll half finished still inside my camera.

My Minolta Maxxum my sister found for me on craigslist before I left for South America.

I've been playing around with the scanners at the UW trying to find the right settings for my photos. I'm not sure if I like the vintage look where there is dust on the scanner or if I want be a clean preservationist and dust down the photos/ scanner to give a clean copy. But either ways, here are a few photos from my first week in Chile.

From Scanned photos Chile W1
An old city bus in the coastal city of Valparaiso, Chile

A shot of a crumbling wall in Viña del Mar, Chile

A large araucaria (monkey puzzle tree) in a plaza in Viña del Mar, Chile

The view of one of the hillsides from my hostel in Viña del Mar, Chile

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