Thursday, November 3, 2011

Film feature: Valparaiso

From Scanned photos Chile W1
A view of Valparaiso, Chile from Ascensor Artilleria, one of the few still functioning funiculars in the city. A funicular is the proper term for a tram that makes its way up a hillside through the use of rails and cables. This funicular is from the turn of the last century and for a few pesos will slowly take you the 80 meters to the top of the hill.

Two standards of Chilean cuisine: the pisco sour and a bowl of seafood.

Looking down the old city streets of Valparaiso filled graffiti on all the walls and the occasional gringo with the Chile guidebook out.

It could be a window or it could be a door. I'm not sure, but I love those sorts of architectural elements which Valpo has a lot of.

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