Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Film Feature: Santiago

After my flight got into Santiago, Chile last March I had a few hours before needing to be at the bus station so I explored a small section of the city.

This was the first picture I took in Chile. It isn't anything exciting, I just need to make sure my camera survived the ride in my checked luggage. I took my free time to walk around the Park Quinta Normal, but it was still the morning so none of the museums were open.

Then I came across this cool building. It is the Artequin Museum. I later found out that it was built in France in 1889 to represent Chile in an expo. The whole pavilion was then shipped by boat to Valparaiso, Chile and then overland into Santiago in 1893.

The same building in France; 1989

Along with the street dogs of Chile there are always street cats.

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