Saturday, April 16, 2011

Of my bike; of the Valdivian forest;

Earlier in the week I bought a bike. It took a lot of searching and visits to the bike shop before getting it. Now I can zoom around Valdivia on my nice used bicycle. This town is perfect for biking. Since it is a river town there is hardly anything for hills.

From Chile W3 Bike

On Thursday after my history class and lunch with the family. I set out to explore some of Valdivia on my bike. I had taken it out a bit in the pouring rain of the evening I first got it (and came home soaked) and then next day to give it a trial and make sure everything was working. For my adventure I wanted to find a good vista overlooking the city so I set out towards the nearest mountain.

Panorama Rio Cruces
I rode starting on the left hand side and made my way up the hill in the distance.

The road I got on went up and up and up through the Valdivian forest. It didn't take long till before it turned into a rough dirt road.

From Chile W3 Bike

Now and then there would be a car coming up the road behind me, but in general it was quite road. I was surprised to see a micro (bus) coming up the road behind me. But I guess there are people that live up there.

One of the many gate leading off into who-knows-where    From Chile W3 Bike

Eventually the road flattened out a bit and I passed through a small community: the Altos of Punucapa. Just a few houses, the sound of roosters, and a Mapuche natural healing center.

Panorama Dirt Road.

I went only a bit farther on the road before turning around to head back home. And lucky the whole ride back was downhill.

From Chile W3 Bike

I never actually found a good view point of the city from way up. I got some shots from a few hundred feet above the river where I could see Isla Teja and the city in the distance. It was a great ride. I was worn out after it. 28km through the Valdivian forest.

Panorama Valdivia
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Panorama Cruces

The bridge back to Isla Teja and Valdiva city center    From Chile W3 Bike

I've been told that this is the national flower of Chile. I'll have to learn the name for it someday.    From Chile W3 Bike

Some of the trees of the forest.    From Chile W3 Bike

Map of the route


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