Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Of the Island of Chiloé;

This last weekend I had my first excursion with others from my program down to the Island of Chiloé. It was about a 5 hour bus south and then a quick crossing in a ferry to get to the island. I've been busy getting settled into classes and everything in Valdivia that I haven't had time to post up pictures of the trip. I still don't have time, so here are just the panoramic shots I took. I'll make up a bit of a map and post more about Chiloé in the next few days.

Chiloé Panorama 1
This is the view from Caulin on the northern part of the island. We had a big seafood lunch here on the first day.

Chiloé Panorama 2
Chiloé is known for its wooden churches all over the island. 16 of them are UNESCO world heritage sites. This church wasn't one, but it was still impressive.

Chiloé Panorama 3
On the second day we went to the National Park of Chiloé. Pretty much the only rain we had on this trip was during our park day. It was a wet hike.

Chiloé Panorama 4
We also walked to the coast

Chiloé Panorama 5
Chiloé has a special variety of rhubarb which grows allover in the park.

Chiloé Panorama 6
This is the view from Castro looking at a harbor and the houses along the waterline build up on stilts.

Chiloé Panorama 7
More from Castro looking across the bay.

Chiloé Panorama 9
The small fishing and market town of Dalcahue.

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