Thursday, May 26, 2011

Of the lands around Valdivia;

From Bike Rides 2
Over the last two months that I've been here I've done a good bit of bike riding. One of the best things about riding around here is that you can go about 15 before hitting hill if you plan the ride out well. I guess that is a perk of living in a fluvial plain city.

This ride I did the other week. I went Southeast of the city following along a river inlet. After I mapped it out I figure out I had gone 50km. I followed the road to Corral and La Union. I only did a section of it because it was starting to get darker. Before I turned around to head back home I did a few more miles in the hills. I eventually hit Rio Fluta; one of the many rivers with makes up Rio Valdivia as it empties out into the ocean.

Panorama 4

From Bike Rides 2

Lots of marshy estuary land. It makes for easy biking.  From Bike Rides 2
Panorama 5Rio Fluta

I love all the things I see when I get outside of town.  From Bike Rides 2

And nothing beats a cold beer from the cerveceria after a big ride. I found this place, the Cerveceria Calle-Calle, just outside of town  From Bike Rides 2

On another ride I went to the northeast following the souther side of the Rio Calle-Calle. I came across an old abandoned rail yard filled with graffiti.
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From Bike Rides 2

From Bike Rides 2

No matter how far I ride outside of town there will always be a bus not far behind.  From Bike Rides 2

I did another ride heading up north and did about 20 miles. I followed the Rio Cruces and eventually came across a cool marshy river area which made the perfect turning around point.

Before big ride I like to buy my favorite empanadas to take with me.  From Bike Rides 2

From Bike Rides 2

From Bike Rides 2

Panorama 1You can see the boat graveyard to the left and the casino in the distance to the right of the road.

Panorama 3

One last bike ride for this post. I sent south of the city to where the logging industry is. For most of the ride I had trucks loaded up with logs going past me and then trucks with split wood going the other way.

Panorama 1

This dog may be a wolf. He was chewing on a huge chunk of bloody meat. From Bike Rides 2

From Bike Rides 2

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  1. I want me some empanadas. That looks delicious.
    Also, I dunno if wolves are that fluffy looking? I mean, that dog almost looks like an Airedale terrier or something. Maybe it's a mix?