Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Of boarding Mission Ridge;

My dad and I on the top of the ridge.
Right after Christmas my dad and I went on our yearly ski trip. This years we headed over to Wenatchee for a few days of skiing/boarding my favorite hill: Mission Ridge. It is the ski hill known for having the most clear days in Washington state. Again, It did not disappoint me. We had great viability looking over the sea of clouds sitting above Wenatchee. I had also just gotten a new camera to replace the one I lost in a Chinese taxi and since it was the shock-proof and weather-proof Nikon Coolpix AW100 I had to test it out.

We had some nice snow and we were able to fly down the great bomber runs.
The ridge behind us was casting cool shadows on the clouds below.
On the second to last run of the day everyone on the slopes stopped to watch the full moon rise over the horizon.
Moon rise.
Awesome weather and groups of people going up to touch the Crashed B-24 Bomber wing for good luck.
Sunset over the cascades.
A snowy view of the Enchantments in the distance as seen from the top of Mission Ridge.
The microwave tower, ski patrol shack, and the windblown trees of ice on top of the ridge.

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